Bernina Nova Stop Motion Wheel


SKU: B199/Nova BIN 44/1


The Bernina Nova stop motion wheel forms part of the clutch mechanism. You will unscrew this wheel, part way, to disconnect the drive to machine. This will enable you to wind a bobbin without the machine ‘sewing’ at the same time. The Bernina Nova, or 900, was a popular choice during the 1970’s and it was produced in a number of colours. It came complete with a rather nifty hard plastic case which carried all the accessories and clipped into the machine and closed around it. It’s a great shame that Bernina no longer produce such fabulous cases.

We have a limited amount of the Bernina Nova stop motion wheel in stock and as they are no longer produced by Bernina, once they are gone, they are gone…
If this vintage Bernina part is not the one you are looking for, please get in touch with us. We can’t guarantee to have all vintage Bernina parts but we do carry quite a few and we might just save the day. Although we service and repair hundreds of Bernina every year in our workshop, sadly some Berninas become obsolete through lack of available parts. This does mean that from time to time we break vintage Berninas for their parts.

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