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Bamber Sewing Machines 1946

A bomb site in Salford, England.

How it all began…
Bambers history all started just after the second world war in 1946 when a young lad called Roy Bamber saw a sewing machine on the top of a bomb site in Salford. He climbed to the top of the bomb site and rescued the machine. He taught himself how to repair it and make it sew again. He later sold the sewing machine and, after completing his national service, he slowly began to build up his sewing machine business.

Bamber Sewing Machines

Our store in Salford.

Where we are now…
We are main agents for Bernina, Brother and Janome and we have over 50 of these machines on display in our showroom. You are welcome to call in and test and try them for yourselves.
The focus of this little blog, however, is the the spares and accessories we have in stock for the older, or vintage Berninas. We plan to slowly and surely list as many of these parts for sale on our blog just in case you need a part that you can no longer find.

Vintage Berninas

Vintage Berninas.

Vintage Berninas…
Older, or vintage, models of Bernina were made so well that they seem to go on forever. Certainly we still see a fair few vintage Berninas going through our workshop each year. They are usually the pride and joy of their owners. Keeping your vintage Bernina in good working condition is not always easy as not many of the original parts are still available. With our help, however, we might just have that vital dial, or toolbox or tiny screw you’ve been searching for…

Alan Bamber Vintage Berninas

Alan Bamber…
I started work for my father back in the 1970’s and since then the technology of sewing machines and the pace they change has increased dramatically. However, although the modern machines are excellent in many ways, there are still thousands of people who still cherish their vintage Berninas. We appreciate them for the way they were made and last.

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