VW Minibus at Vintage Berninas

VW Minibus…
It was a summers day, back in the 1970’s, when Dad came home in a Volkswagen minibus. My brother, Steve, and I were just little kids at the time and we loved it. We ran around it, jumping up and down and started climbing around inside it pretending it was some kind of rocket ship. It was great for ferrying us to school and taking our friends for days out in and all that kind of thing.
A year or so later Dad took the VW back to the dealer so it could be serviced and he was most impressed when he called back, a day or so later to collect it, and the dealer handed him a service sheet. The sheet listed everything that had been checked and tested and reset on the VW.

Bombers Service Sheet at Vintage Berninas

So he used the same idea for the service sheet that we use when a customer brings their trusty sewing machine to Bambers for service or repair. It lists everything that we check and test and reset. We still use the same sheet today, 40 years later.