Rebecca jackson at Vintage Berninas

In 2014 I Iost my beautiful 16 year old daughter to suicide. My lovely friend from my knitting group knew I needed something to help me get through and suggested I took up sewing. Eventually My husband got me this old 530 record. I spoke to Alan Bamber who gave me some great advice. Last December I eventually had to give up work and started sewing as a part time business. It is 2 years on. Things are not easier but thanks to wonderful crafters I have met along the road , I am surviving. The strength I have found from learning skills and immersing myself in sewing have got me through and still get me through this very difficult journey. I can honestly say If I hadn’t found sewing I don’t think I’d still be here. It has Been my distraction, a crutch and a way of tuning off from the horrible reality . I love my sewing buddies, many of them don’t know my back story but each and every one of you, if it’s just a picture of a lovely thing you’ve made, a helpful hint on how to overcome a problem or a picture of a pretty vintage machine , you’ve got this lady through another shitty day and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rebecca Jackson