Deena Flanagan at Vintage Berninas

After enjoying my 950 a few years I decided to look for a vintage 740 or 840 to put in a treadle,as sometimes I enjoy sewing slow but still wanted the fancy stitches. One finally came up for sale on Craigslist about 4hours away. The disabled niece of Leona Holly had inherited her 740 and could no longer enjoy it. She couldn’t find the bobbin case and a few other bits and I had to corral a neighbor to help me get it into the SUV, as it still had its clutch motor on the table. But she sits beautifully on Singer industrial treadle irons and every time I use her I feel bonded to the iconic artist and designer whose work can still pop up on etsy and eBay. Someday, I hope my quilts made on Leona will leave a mark as well. And I learned that when you go to a strange place to pick up a heavy machine to take a friend lol!

Deena Flanagan
Greenbrier Arkansas