Believe in yourself at Vintage Berninas

Believe in yourself…
A lady brought her old Singer sewing machine in for attention, on Saturday.
It was ‘running on’ or running by itself. I knew what to expect and started to open up her foot control and we had a bit of a chat as I did so. She told me that her mother had bought her the Singer many years ago when she was a girl. Her mother had shown her ‘the basics’ and how to use the machine.
Then the lady said, but my mother told me I was useless and gave up trying to teach me.
The lady was now ‘older’ herself and unlike many women who move up the scale, so to speak, and buy several new sewing machines over the years, this lady had stuck with the original Singer she was given at an early age and used it only for very basic sewing. Her ambition had been destroyed by a careless and throwaway remark.
So my advice is, for what it’s worth, if you’re reading this little story and you don’t think you’re any good at sewing, or you lack confidence, or you just need some help and advice – Do Not Give Up.
Where ever you are you won’t be that far away from somewhere, or someone, who can provide you with all the training you need. First of all, there are many people in this group who will help and advise – ask them! Never believe you are not good enough and remember, if you can’t do something it’s because no one has shown you how. Get out there and learn and realize every single one of your sewing ambitions. Even the biggest expert one day had to start on page one.
I removed the burnt out capacitor from the Lady’s foot control and put it back together. When I tested her Singer it ran a treat. She asked how much. Nothing, says I, but do me a favour….
I sent her upstairs to see our girls and to ask about all the various workshops and sewing, quilting and overlocking/serging courses we run. I’m hoping it’s not too late to save this lady from that early condemnation.
You can only try your best.