Ali George

This is me with 2 of my Berninas; my 830 Record and my 8 year old’s 800. I picked the 800 up at our local tip shop for $8NZ (I think – no more than $15 anyway). It was missing its foot pedal, but I had a spare, so once I cleaned it up it sewed beautifully. I think it may have been an old school machine. The 830 was one of 2 I picked up within a few weeks of each other (after looking for a LONG time!). They were both really cheap, and the first one was seized up and came with its case, foot pedal, one presser foot and that’s it. I managed to clean it up, oiled it and spent some time loosening everything up to the point that it was sewing really nicely, although the buttonhole knob was still really stiff. I then found the second one and a friend brought it to me from a different city. It sewed beautifully and amazingly had a second red box filled with a whole second set of feet etc., so when I sold the first one to a friend, I had managed to find and buy an extension table and it had the red box with a complete set of feet along with the original case and foot pedal – so nearly complete. These two machines are two of six Berninas I have. I’ll get photos and stories of the others later 🙂 P.S. excuse the poor lighting – it was too sunny outside the window, so I had to pull the ugly curtains and it’s still too dark!